These Top 5 Weight Loss Supplements Have Scientists Buzzing!

#1 – Take  Chitosan (Fiber From The Sea)

This fiber, typically called “shark cartilage,” originates from the exoskeletons of certain bugs, pests and shellfish. Research study is pretty much mixed, however one big research study analysis in the Journal of Obesity discovered that when individuals took chitosan two times a day with food, they had substantially lower BMIs and body fat in addition to less bloating and flatulence than individuals who took a placebo.

Chitosan might help you to feel full much longer, which in turn causes you to consume less food and calories.

Take this supplement at a different time than you do your other vitamins and supplements (so if you take the others in the AM, take this one in the afternoon or evening or vice versa.)

Chitosan might bind those other vitamins and nutrients and may lower absorption rate.

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