17 Of The Angriest Animals Ever

16. Malicious Baby Lizard

This is one evil-looking lizard. He must have come from a bad egg, and now he’s bent on conquering the world. This little evildoer has gained tons of social media likes and is known by the name Dr. Evil.

There have been all sorts of fantasy stories that have been based on this single photo. You can write about the lizard all you like, but just don’t mess with it.

 15. Does Size Even Matter?

If you want proof that you don’t need to be very big to scare people, then just take one look at this turtle. You can see how much this little guy wants us to tremble in fear. He looks like he is trying to emulate a roaring lion and has no idea how tiny he is. It may not have scary big teeth to back up its roar, but it has the angry demeanor that is going to be enough scare off some creature who might want to bother it. Most people who saw the picture weren’t afraid of him, however, but instead fell in love with this little fellow. In time, he will get bigger, and then it will have more to back up his bad attitude.

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