17 Dog Breeds You’ve Never Heard Of

17. Gray Merle Mudi



The Gray Merle Mudi is Absolutely stunning! They are a very rare dog breed in the herding category from Hungary. The few owners of this dog find this breed incomparable. With the dogs great talents combined with his pleasant disposition he is considered a top dog among canines. He is highly intelligent, and can learn as quickly as Border Collies. Extremely powerful and courageous, the Mudi is afraid of nothing, not even wild boar, which it can overpower quickly. They make a great guard dog. This breed is very loving and gentle as well.


16. The Kooikerhondje

Dog Kooikerhondje


This wonderful natured hunting dog breed is such an incredibly affectionate companion and great addition to the family. It is said that this breed is actually an ancestor of the Nova Scota Duck Tolling Retriever from Holland and was used to lure ducks into traps for hunting or tagging. He still serves as a hunting dog, but also excels at other dog sports.  If the Kooiker is around cats or other dogs when he’s young and he’ll get along amazingly. This breed may be reserved toward strangers but loves friends and family.


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